What is Link lock?

Link lock is a new optional addon to our spam filtering service designed specifically to combat phishing and malware distributed through url redirection. The vast majority of cyber attacks begin with phishing attacks. Natively our spam filters are able to check for dangerous attachments and links to compromised sites. But what if the link is a URL that’s okay but redirects you to one that isn’t?

Link lock follows redirected URLs to protect you from whatever exists on the other side. URLs in scanned email are rewritten to http://linklock.titanhq.com . Why are the links rewritten and not just scanned? Well what would happen if a site was okay when the email was delivered but it was compromised the next day? Link lock rewrites the URL so protection can be assessed when you click on it, not just when the message was delivered. Pretty clever!

Stay safe and always be careful clicking links in email: Your assessment is the most important part in preventing phishing attacks!